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About Us

Company Overview

East Point Systems has been the leading field service software solutions provider for the Mortgage Field Services Industry since 1996. Our experienced team has been developing software for fortune 500 companies and businesses in the Mortgage Field Service Industry for over a decade. We are committed to delivering top-quality enterprise-class software systems for your default servicing needs. Our software products and data services offer superior advantages to all sectors of the mortgage default services industry. Whatever your function is in the industry, East Point Systems can make your job easier and more profitable.


EPS recognized the need for mortgage field service software 17 years ago, and was the first to develop software for the field. Since then, we have progressively grown with the industry and have emerged as the industry’s leading provider of field service software. EPS is the most established software provider in the industry and has committed itself to this industry for the long term. The depth and feature rich designs of our products reflect the 17 years of research & development plus the millions of dollars that we have invested in those products for you. EPS employs a full-time staff of 4 software development engineers, 4 technical support engineers, a fully staffed training department and other administrative personnel to support its valuable customer base.


When East Point Systems first entered the mortgage field service software market in 1996 we provided a simple basic software solution for a field office. Today we provide a range of products that span from mobile software for the fieldworker on site at the property, to local, regional, and national field service company office systems.

Our current products provide users with a deep rich user experience that not only automates all aspects of your field service business, but also provides seamless communications and data exchange with all other entities within the mortgage default services industry. The value of this seamless data integration is that it increases your efficiency and your ability to get work from other segments of the industry.


East Point Systems also understands your need for security and privacy. We use high encryption and never examine your data or transactions for "marketing purposes" or "program improvement" like other companies. (For such information we ask you directly.) Nor do we sell your information to third parties. While selling customer information would increase our profitability, doing so compromises your privacy at best and could easily cascade into the compromising of your most sensitive and proprietary information. We won't do it.

High value and high security form the conerstone of all East Point systems' USA-made products. We hope you will recognize our honest and thoughtful dedication to you and join us as so many others have done.

Management Team

Shmulie Schochet

Chief Executive Officer

Expert-Data e-Services International

Expert-Data e-Services International, Pvt. Ltd. (EDSI) is East Point Systems’ exclusive channel partner for outsourced data entry and processing services. This relationship establishes a seamless communication link between the Field-Comm software system and EDSI’s servers enabling them to provide data entry services and processing solutions for Field-Comm users that no other company can provide.

The Problem and the Solution

Some of your clients may not have websites sophisticated enough to support a connection to East Point’s Data Exchange Hub. EDSI provides the data entry services needed to upload your field results onto client websites effortlessly. The East Point Hub simply intercepts the results and routes the results to EDSI’s servers where they are manually entered into the client’s website.

How does EDSI work?

There are 3 basic models for our services; each of which can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

  1. Simple data entry using our servers and systems. Your staff performs the auditing of incoming field results, then the data is tagged for upload to the client. At that point the results are transmitted to EDSI’s servers and manually entered into the client’s website.
  2. Simple data entry or full service on your system. Our staff remotely connects to your Field-Comm office system and performs its data entry functions from your system. This model is slower because of the remote connection.
  3. Full service processing using our servers and systems. In this scenario, EDSI makes use of the Field-Comm software that is running on its servers.
    • Work orders are entered or imported into your Field-Comm system
    • The work orders pass through to our Field-Comm system
    • Your staff remotely connects to our system to assign work or manipulate the work assignment tables.
    • After assignment, the work orders travel from our system to your fieldworkers. This is done so the field results will come directly to our system for QA and processing (our system is setup with your company name, so that your fieldworkers think that the work orders came from your system).
    • When the field results are received from the field they are audited, processed, and entered into your client’s website.
    • When the process of data entry into the client’s website is complete, all of the field results for the order being processed are tagged for upload into your Field-Comm system so that your system contains a copy of all items that have been uploaded to the client.

Services are available beginning at the low price of $.16 per work order. Please contact us for a quote.

Also, pricing is subject to change without notice.