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Track, organize, dispatch and bill: From photo and report documentation to accounts receivable, Field-Comm will help you safely and securely manage your entire office from one program. Contractors have been using Field-Comm to get a first-hand look at work that’s up for grabs in their industry since 1996. Vendors also find comfort in knowing that they can login and immediately find qualified contractors to compete on jobs.

Field-Comm Cloud
Features Mobile Edition Supervisory Edition Introductory Edition
Stand-Alone Edition
Multi-User Edition
Hub Clients 1 1 1 Multi Multi
Setup Fee $150 $150 $150 $250 $250
Extra Computer Setup $100/Computer $100/Computer
License Fee $50 $100 $150 $250 $270
Extra Computer Llicense $10/Computer $10/Computer
Remote Computer License $30/Computer $30/Computer
HUB Connection
Technical Support

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Field Features

  • Inspection and preservation order tracking and reporting
  • Works for all private label clients
  • Full accounts receivable & vendor accounts payable
  • Field service vendor management
  • Electronic filing cabinet provides true paperless processing
  • Store and attach forms, documents, photos, electronic faxes, videos, etc. for future reference and easy access
  • Email, fax, print or seamlessly upload any attached item in seconds (audit log records transmission history)
  • Locate stored order information instantly.
  • 256 bit SSL encryption secures access and data
  • Supports multiple concurrent users – scales to meet your needs
  • Complete auditing of all transactions - Each change to data in the system is recorded. Each transmission is logged
  • Extensive management reporting – Grid data can even be exported to a spreadsheet for additional customized reporting
  • Complete property history log records all property activity. Process online or offline.


  • Seamless communication with your client’s internal systems and field service vendors, increasing accuracy and efficiency while significantly decreasing your cost
  • Significantly reduces field results processing in the office, errors and omissions, and field service turnaround time

Technical Details

Field-Comm Cloud

For remote workstations:
Port forwarding setup in your router's configuration and a static IP address is recommended before installation of remote workstations. Replace >IP ADDRESS< with the Static IP Address given to you by your ISP. Please verify that Port Forwarding is setup prior to the installation and configuration of your Remote Workstation.


Mobile PC Edition Office Workstation Edition Server Edition
Minimum CPU Intel/AMD Dual-Core CPU > 2GHz Intel/AMD CPU > 2GHz Intel/AMD Dual-Core CPU > 2GHz
Hard Drive 6GB 1GB 10GB
RAM 2GB min
4GB Recommended
1GB min
2 GB Recommended
6GB Recommended
Windows Version Please consult product matrix Please consult product matrix Please consult product matrix
Note: The server edition requirements/recommendations listed above are only for offices with up to 9 workstations. If you will be having more than 9 workstations please speak with one of our technical support representatives about your scenario and we will be happy to provide requirements/recommendations customized for your setup.

For Servers:

Select versions of Windows XP Pro, Vista, and Windows 7-10 can be used in servers for up to 9 workstations. If you want to have more than 9 workstations running, you will need to run a valid version of Windows Server. We recommend against using the Small Business Server edition, as it runs additional programs in the background that can negatively impact’s performance.

For both Mobile PCs and Servers:

Field-Comm utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server database. When Field-Comm is installed, it comes with Microsoft’s free version of SQL Server, called SQL Server Express. This has the following limitations: it will use no more than 1 gig of RAM, it will use only 1 core of a multi-core processor, and it cannot handle databases greater than 10 gigs in size. These limitations do not affect the majority of Field-Comm users but those offices that have a large volume of work will eventually find that their database grows beyond 10 gigs in size. At that time, the purchase of a commercial version of Microsoft SQL Server will become necessary. East Point Systems does not resell SQL Server, however it can be purchased through various retailers. For more information, please contact East Point Systems Support.

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