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Import File Request

Any new import request or adjustment by any national that is required and used by other offices are still free. If you have a new file import from a national that no one else is using, but later is determined that others will benefit, we will credit your account for the initial fee.

Import Request

The Process

  1. Please click the Import File Request link to the left to submit your request.
    • The standard time to implement a file import is 2 weeks. Rush time estimate is approximately 3 business days, but depends on current requests level.
    • The standard rate for a file import is 2 hours at $125 an hour, total $250.
    • The rate for a rush file import is 2 hours at $250 an hour, total $500.
  2. Once a submission is received and reviewed by staff, we will confirm pricing information and turnaround time with you before work is started.